7 Simple Ways To Reduce The Waste In Your Home

7 Simple Ways To Reduce The Waste In Your Home

Get to know the rules of recycling

If you have ever personally been to a recycling center, the signs can often be confusing at times. Learning to navigate the recycling system is quite easy once you do some research. It’s best to implement reusable packaging in your home when possible, but recycling is the next best thing.

Get rid of the plastic bags 

All most everyone has a section in their kitchen that is overflowing with plastic bags – get rid of them! When you go shopping, instead of relying on the store’s plastic bags, bring your own cloth ones. We can almost guarantee that the cloth reusable bags will hold more weight than the plastic ones. (;

Make a weekly meal plan

Food waste has been growing at an increasing alarming rate. It’s preventable if consumers were to only buy food that they know they are going to eat. It’s sounds super simple and will save thousands of pounds of food each year.

Rely on reusable containers 

Have you ever had take-out and the restaurant gave you a nice reusable food container? Try reusing that instead of tossing it when you are done with your meal. It’s a win for the planet and a win for your pocket.

Cancel unnecessary mail 

When was the last time you read that magazine subscription? Opened that credit card offer? Can’t remember? Me either. Cancelling your unwanted mail, will decrease your personal paper usage and clear space.

Repair rather than discard

Try repairing something before you automatically toss it in the garbage. Buying a few high-quality items and then repairing them when needed, is so much better for the planet opposed to buying lots of cheap, very disposable items.

How are you improving your waste reduction at home? Tell us more in the comment section below!