Save Green by Going Green This Winter


The holidays can put a big enough dent in your wallet, why not cut down on costs when you can?

With the cold weather encroaching, many of us brace ourselves for the hefty heating bill coming our way, but what if I told you that just because the winter months are here you don’t have to double your heating budget.

The easiest jump on savings you can get is by making sure that all windows & doors are sealed tight and don’t have any cracks around the edges. You can even add extra insulation into extra cracks to really seal the deal.

Check your appliances, pipes and make sure that they are prepped & ready to work through the winter. If you’re not sure what to check, you can have a technician come and do a quick inspection.

winterize-home-145132408-1According to In Habitat 30% of your home’s energy costs are from heating and if your system is not working up to par that number could spike even more. It’s a simple preventative measure by getting an annual tune up and by replacing your filter regularly.

Give you and your home the tools you need to make it through the blistery winter by following those few tips and enjoy the snow from the inside looking out!