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Founded in 2005, Global Equity Finance is a direct lender and mortgage broker dedicated to understanding and meeting each of its customers’ unique needs. While big banks often think only of their own profits and limit you to their narrow range of products, we offer the widest array of loans and rates with you, the customer, in mind.

Global Equity Finance is committed to helping you find the perfect option to match your financial goals while providing you with:

Your happiness is our greatest incentive to match you with the mortgage of your dreams. Let us put the keys in your hands.


Our goal is to help you find the best match for your home Purchase or Refinance.


We’ll guide you through the biggest investment of your life, step-by-step. Choose from our most popular loan options to gain new tax benefits and begin building equity today.

Pay Off Mortgage Faster

Shortening your loan term allows you to save on interest with larger payments. Own your home sooner and be debt-free as you enter the next stage of your life.

Lower Mortgage Payments

Buy or refinance at lower interest rates and begin saving immediately. We’ll find you better loan terms to get your payments to an affordable place.

Get Cash or Consolidate Debt

Cash-out your home equity for needed expenses, college tuition, or new investments. Refinance to pay off high-interest debt with a low rate, tax-deductible mortgage.

Home Improvement

Planning to stay in your home for awhile but eager for that dream renovation? Cash-out refinance and enjoy your modern upgrades for years to come.

Retirement Planning

Real estate strategies for retirement include buying your next home early, refinancing to tap into home equity, and increasing property investment to generate passive income.

Buy a Vacation Home

A relaxing hideaway is calling your name. While lenders require stronger qualifications, a second home can be an effective investment in your well-being.

Investment Properties

You’re ready to dive into the real estate market and take advantage of opportunities to flip, rent, diversify your portfolio, or create cash flow for further investments.


For many people, new developments in life can mean it’s time to look for a new home. Whether it be a recent raise, an addition to the family or just a calling to explore something new, your housing needs have to meet whatever change life brings your way.

Loan Programs


Have you recently experienced unexpected financial burdens such as medical expenses, job loss, or college tuition payments?  Do you find yourself struggling to make minimum payments on high interest loans or credit cards?  

If so you may want to consider refinancing to take advantage of your home equity. Here are some advantages of refinancing;

  • Reduce the amount of interest you pay.
  • Pay off your debts more quickly.
  • Lower payments.
  • Increased tax deductions.

Lower Your Interest Rate with geq


VA loans are an exceptional opportunity for our Veterans because they offer the lowest rates in the nation, there is no down payment, and fees are capped depending on status. We also offer a $1,000 best loan guarantee: no other lender will beat our Veterans loan programs

Carlos Godoy
Executive Loan Consultant
NMLS ID #300974

We really appreciated the professional direction we received from Chris. What could have been a very stressful transaction was made seamless by his knowledge and direction. He also gave us some guidance that will help generate higher yields on some financial investments. Look forward to dealing with Mr. McDannel in the future.


30-year Fixed Rate Mortgages make the most sense in today’s market. The rate is nearly identical to the 15-year Fixed, but with a much more flexible payment schedule and zero pre-payment penalties. You can pay off your mortgage at your own pace.

Roy Koldaro
VP of Lending
NMLS ID #1241846

My wife and I had a refi with Charlie. Couldn't believe how quick and simple it was! Charlie took time to explain all details and thoroughly answered all of our questions. He was professional, courteous, and very nice to work with. We call him "Top-of-the-line Charlie!" God bless Charlie and Global Equity Finance for making our loan happen!


Today’s Hybrid Adjustable Rate loans are quite different than the troublemakers of the past. Borrowers can save money on the first several years of their mortgage, with adjustment caps to minimize the risk of big surprises down the line

Kris Johnson
Executive Loan Consultant
NMLS ID #852255

We were in the process of looking into refinancing our home when a flyer From Global Equity Finance appeared in our mailbox. We had tried a couple of other lenders with whom we were not satisfied. Charlie replied to our query, and was very professional and knowledgeable about the process. He kept us informed throughout the process and answered all our questions. Everything happened as he said it would in the timeframe he predicted and we agreed to.


Find your mortgage match today!